Automotive Diagnostic

This course is designed to provide the participants with the
knowledge and hands-on application of guided diagnosis and
testing of vehicle concerns. The course emphasizes the SSCC
process as well as critical thinking skills and using a must have
diagnostic tools together with the Service literature towards FIRFT
(Fix it right the first time – on time) application.

• Able to “Fix-it-right-the-first-time” and on time.
• Understand how to apply a common repeatable process to
diagnose vehicles related to a customer complaint based on the
given diagnostic strategy
• Understand diagnostic steps and procedures, service literature,
schematics diagram and how to interpret component data
• Gain an overview of the proper use of the diagnostic
tools/scanner used in automotive applications and how to
interpret the data/info

Operation Level
• Business Owners
• Service Executive / Workshop Managers
• Service Advisors & Technician